The easy, safe, accurate and economical method to locate and connect precast panels to framework while dramatically reducing erection costs.

PSA Inserts and Straps

PSA Inserts and Straps

The PSA slotted insert is an innovative adjustable connection device cast into precast concrete panels used to connect panels to framework.  It is available in stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and J-Finish.

PSA Slotted Insert System, M Series

M Series Inserts and Straps

Mā€series slotted inserts and straps is a modification to the original PSA. It utilizes a lighter, more economical construction material for connection areas where load demand is not as substantial. It has all the benefits of the original PSA and the added ability to accept either a bolted strap or a notched strap.  It is available in a J-Finish.




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